Protect Hollywood North Beach Park With a Dune Adoption

Objective: To adopt and restore a dune at Hollywood North Beach Park for environmental benefits.

Description: Hollywood North Beach Park is a 62-acre park located on the eastern side of Hollywood, offering walking paths, natural areas, and a long sandy beach. The adoption of a dune will help protect vital habitats for birds and nesting turtles, mitigate the impact of sea level rise and storm surge, and support environmental education. The park also offers unique opportunities for businesses and organizations to promote their brand and for individuals to honor loved ones through dune adoption. Most of the restoration work is located within the beach area of the park, making it a meaningful and impactful step towards preserving the park’s natural beauty.

Adopting a dune at Hollywood North Beach Park is a valuable opportunity to protect and enhance the environment while also leaving a lasting impact.

Eagle’s Nest Nature Play Area Improvements

Objective: To create a safe and accessible nature play area for families to explore and engage in imaginative play.

Description: The Eagle’s Nest Nature Play Area will be a unique and diverse playground that provides families with the opportunity to engage in imaginative and sensory play within a natural landscape. The playscape features various play structures and seating areas made from natural materials such as tree trunks, logs, branches, native plants, rocks, and stones. These materials are arranged in a way that enhances fine motor skills and sensory exploration, such as traversing rock rivers, climbing stone formations, playing musical instruments made from natural materials, and engaging in unstructured play in open areas and hills. The playscape also provides designated areas for families and local community groups to gather and socialize, making it a perfect destination for families to spend quality time together in a natural setting.

This nature play area offers a unique experience that combines elements of play and nature in ways not commonly seen in traditional playgrounds. The combination of natural materials, unique arrangements, and imaginative play opportunities make this playscape a must-visit destination for families and community members looking for a unique and engaging outdoor experience.

Improve the Park of Your Choice

Objective: The objective of this fundraising project is to raise money to support and improve a specific Broward County park and enhance the experience of visitors.

Description: Looking to make a direct impact on your favorite Broward County park? Consider making a donation to the Parks Foundation of Broward County and earmarking your gift for the park of your choice. With your donation, you can help fund important capital projects, educational programs, cultural events, and recreational initiatives that enhance the park’s amenities and offer new opportunities for visitors of all ages to enjoy. Your support will make a real difference in the community, and help ensure that the park you love stays beautiful, accessible, and engaging for generations to come. So if you’re passionate about a particular Broward County park, consider making a donation today and earmarking your gift to support its ongoing success